" The Indonesia Heritage is made up of natural heritage, cultural heritage and saujana. Natural heritage is the formation of a special nature. Cultural heritage is the result of creativity, taste, and the work of a special initiative in Indonesia country, individually, as the unity of Indonesia, and in its interactions with other cultures throughout the history of its existence. Cultural heritage includes heritage shaped object (tangible) and intangible heritage objects (intangible). Saujana is a combined heritage of natural heritage and cultural heritage in the unity of space and time. "

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11/06/2014 12:30:15

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The Golden Letters of Kings Archipelago

07/02/2014 04:19:39

For more than four hundred years, a letter written in Malay with Jawi letters (letters Arab-Persian) a means of communication between Kings Islands in Indonesia with the Kings, and Traders of Manca Authorities State. The most impressive of the "the Golden Letter" is the artistic element. The letters were written, decorated and disungging with high skills and very conscientious, to reflect the dignity and degree of the sender. So the the Golden Letters can be considered a type of Malay manuscripts of the most delicate and beautiful.

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Wangsakerta Manuscript, Between Polemic and Historical Notes of The Archipelago

06/02/2014 14:01:39

Wangsakerta manuscript is a collection of texts compiled with a team led by Prince Wangsakerta. He is a son of the kingdom of Cirebon Panembahan Girilaya (1650-1662) and he is the sixth descendant of Sunan Gunung Jati. According to the agreement between Cirebon with VOC on January 7, 1691, Wangsakerta recorded with family Keraton Cirebon as a  gentle, intelligent, and has the ability to lead.

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